Personalized Bracelets, Thin Brass Cuff Bracelet, Brass Bracelet for Women, Minimalist Brass Bracelet, Solid Brass Bracelet

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Personalized Bracelets, Thin Brass Cuff Bracelet, Brass Bracelet for Women, Minimalist Brass Bracelet, Solid Brass Bracelet


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Some examples of popular phrases that others have added to this  bangle design 

Life is beautiful
If not now when?
Sisters before Misters
Choose happiness
She believed she could, so she did.
Let your dreams be your wings
Be your own kind of beautiful
Be brave darling XO
Life is a road with so many turns
Just a girl boss building her empire
Be still, my soul
Bless this mess
Strive for progress, not perfection
Together is my favorite place to be
I love loving you.
It will always be you
What I am, you helped me be
Mum, you’re my superhero
She’s a reflection of me, so she’s awesome.
Nothing is lost until mum can’t find it
A messy bun is the crown of a mum
Home is where mum is
You’ll forever be my always
My mum is a queen
Sweeter than honey
Find your fire
Perfectly imperfect
Still I rise
Just, love
Full of sunshine
Be the light
My addiction to you can’t be cured
Pray, wait, trust.
Find your wings
You make my heart smile
My heart, yours to keep
Me, you, forever
I am so glad I found you
Sunshine and smiles
His soul is a mirror of her own
You smell like love
Don’t be the same, be better
Hey warrior, keep going
The best is yet to come
 you decide
You are your only limit
Rise and slay
Be happy, be bright, be you
Life is short, live it
Find your fire
There is bravery in being soft
Dream it, wish it, do it
Take every chance, drop every fear
Don’t just fly, soar
It’s all or nothing
Follow that dream
Never dim your shine
Hustle and heart sets you apart
Made for greatness
Be a warrior not a worrier
I can, I will
Cultivate kindness
Be savage not average
Take chance, drop fear
No grit, no pearl
To infinity and beyond
I’ve got the Midas’ touch
Why the hell not
Pure but no prude
Heart of gold, hustle of a lion
Every moment matters
Family is forever
Stay humble, work hard, be kind
Elegance is beauty that never fades
Stay golden
Though she be but little, she’s fierce
They can’t stop what they can’t catch
Throw kindness around like confetti
Perfectly imperfect
One day at a time
Choose happiness
Life happens, coffee helps
No rain, no flowers
Purpose feels passion
You are entirely, up to you
Conquer from within
Don’t be the same, be different
As free as the ocean
Stay cozy
Escape the ordinary
WE rise by lifting others
Make yourself proud
There is beauty in simplicity
Go that extra mile
Be a flamingo in a pack of pigeons
Wake up, be awesome
Darling, you are a work of art
He is like a song she can’t get out of her head
You glow girl
A year older, a year bolder
Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace
Slay your day
Sassy since birth
Not easy but worth it
Dream, travel repeat
Aspire to inspire before we expire
Be a voice not an echo
Bloom and grow
Prove them wrong
Cherish every moment
Why not?
Seek what sets your soul on fire
Enjoy it all
See good
Normal is boring
There is beauty in simplicity
Be groovy not moody
Go for it
Best view comes after the hardest climb

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